Awqaf Sharjah
  • الاسم: Awqaf Sharjah

  • الدولة: United Arab Emirates

نبذة عنك! رجاءً قم بإضافة معلوماتك كالنبذة والدولة والمدينة ورقم الهاتف وغيرها. إضغط هنا


Awqaf Sharjah aims to enhance the awareness of the community of waqf sunnah and to improve the management and investment of waqf funds, cashing in on distinguished services promoted constantly to satisfy donors and renters. Vision: A distinguished pioneering institution in promoting, operating and investing waqf funds with the aim of maintaining and maximizing waqf revenues in compliance with Islamic rules. It also wisely directs revenues to be spent in areas that boost waqf as a corner stone of the society structure and its Islamic entity Mission: Enhancing awareness of Islamic waqf (endowment) by promoting this Sunnah, urging the wealthy and investing waqf funds with the aim of promoting them and directing revenues to meet the religious legal objectives of waqf donors to be model for the service and development of the society