Intimidation from technological lapses - Part 1 - Ahmed Al Zarouni

This will be the first of a series of articles on points to be cautious of and take the right steps to avoid them. Or implement them better. Each article will contain varied content of benefit for all, as one point may be important for someone and another for someone else.

Intimidation from weak passwords

One of the worst actions you might do is to ignore the huge demand for securing the passwords that you have. Regardless of your ability to memorize or not, you can write them in more than one safe place instead of being like common passwords such as 123456 or 111111, or even the word ‘Password’ itself or other weak passwords that can be guessed in minutes.

The password must not be less than 8 characters and must contain symbols, numbers, letters. Or you can use password creation and saving systems such as LastPass and Google Password.

Intimidation from fake calls and emails

For sure, you have received a group of e-mails entitled “Congratulations, you have won such and such” and then you are asked to send your data or even pay the amount of shipping and so on. The same is true with SMS messages.

Of course, these are scam messages, and thousands fall into this trap monthly. Therefore, you must be cautious about them and delete them immediately and do not live in the world of Cinderella and start thinking that Lady Luck has smiled on you.

Intimidation from home camera technicians

Never trust anyone who installs home camera devices – immediately ask for the mechanism to