Intimidation from technological lapses – Part 3 - Ahmed Al Zarouni

Use of technology can be challenging for many due to the lapses in dealing with technology

As in its previous parts, the series is based on creating awareness and eluding intimidation from people’s lapses in dealing with technology. And showing the right ways and means to reach the fullest uses of technology.

Intimidation from the use of poor-quality chargers and connections

Many stores and e-commerce sites sell various types of charging cables and connections as well as power adapters, HDMI or Display Port TV connections, or even USB-C cables. These often come from unknown producers, so they give scandalous results and cause damage to devices and phones.

It is therefore important to purchase products from well-known companies that pay more attention to quality and standards of cables and chargers. Each connection has international standards and versions that vary in quality and performance.

Among the best and most important companies in this field are Ugreen, then Belkin, Sony, Samsung, Anker, Huawei and “RAVPower”.

Intimidation from not covering the webcam

It is no secret for many that there is no secure system, whether Windows, Mac, or others. This means that there is always a possibility, even a fraction of tenths of a hundred, that the computer can be hacked or the front camera can be accidentally opened while you are not in a condition that allows you to appear on any camera.

Therefore, everyone has to cover the cameras, and there is a dedicated sticker for the