Intimidation from technological lapses – Part 5 - Ahmed Al Zarouni

Let’s not over complicate apps, software
Rule of thumb is to make do with a three-step in and out process on such usage
The app clutter is the undoing for many… Keep technology and its uses as easily accessible as possible.

In the previous commentary, we talked about the diversity of the key functions at any IT department, and that each function has a different specialisation that must not be confused.
Given that a dentist is not the one who performs spinal surgery, not everyone in the tech department can be entrusted with the task of programming applications and managing the software needs of an institution. Yet, most institutions are not interested in appointing programmers – and instead wait for the mirage to turn into water.
Which is why the presence of a programmer or a programming team – as well as the presence of a whole section of programmers according to the size of the institution – is like watering a parched land so that it grows plants and produces fruits.
With the correct use of programmers, you can take the institution to advanced levels, innovate with new services and develop useful potential. Don’t be tempted by the availability of software in the market or companies, as “nothing scratches your skin but your own nail”.
Programmers’ innovations have transformed entities into great organisations that offer interconnected electronic services that complement each other. Such stages can only be achieved by appointing programmers, guiding them, providing them with