Intimidation from technological lapses – Part 6 - Ahmed Al Zarouni

Having backup is one IT detail that matters
Organisations are still making elementary mistakes by not recognising this basic fact

It have been witness many times to organisations that have lost their data, while others have been busy with recovering such data for a long time.

Some of them have lost their work completely due to deletion of data by an employee’s oversight, a fire, or a ransomware attack. Only a few have learnt from this and began to follow necessary procedures to protect the most important thing they have.

Therefore, it is vital to keep backups of the data and create alternative servers for the most important programmes on an independent network, whose task is limited to performing the backup. Also, it is important to adopt the strongest protection against ransomware and other viruses, with systematic isolation of the network servers from employees’ computers.

Simultaneously, activate all protection systems on their computers and prevent the use of any type of flash drives without a careful scan of the contents. It is important to keep backup servers in a different place as well, and there is no harm in using cloud services either from service providers or private companies in the UAE.

The issue has been there for long, but every CEO or owner of an institution should ask his team about business continuity plans, follow up on the recovery of important data tests, and review technical auditors’ reports.

Folly of not detecting
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