Federal Authority for Government Human Resources
  • الاسم: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

  • الدولة: United Arab Emirates


The Authority aims to develop human resources in government sector based on the modern concepts and international criteria in the ield of human resources management. It was established in 2008 with powers to manage human resources of ministries and federal authorities; study and propose policies and legislations related to human resources; assist ministries to carry out correct execution of the legislations related to human resources and ensure that ministries are abided by the provisions of this decree law and the bylaws issued in execution thereof . Vision: human resources that enjoy high capabilities in federal government and assume a vital role in achieving the vision of the Government of United Arab Emirates Mission: to enhance capabilities of all employees of the federal government authorities to enable U.A.E. Nationals to assume specialized technical and leading posts and roles to create culture based on distinctive performance and high productivity to develop the departments of human resources and support the same with high technologies