Ministry of Interior
  • اسم: Ministry of Interior

  • الدولة: United Arab Emirates


The creation of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) came parallel to the creation of the state, as total unification of the police and security organs remained as an essential target which gained general consensus. The MOI is keen to provide security, safety, and stability for citizens and residents alike and diligently working to achieve this national objective under the umbrella of the federal state. The Ministry has set noble targets, namely to have a safer community, maintain order and security, reduce crime rates and eliminate the fear of crime, and contribute to realization of justice through enforcing the rule of law and maintaining the prestige of the state through effective field practices of police organs. The Ministry has adopted a new approach based on scientific and systematic foundations to develop MOI human and material capabilities for keeping pace with the overall renaissance which is clearly witnessed in all aspects of life in the UAE. Vision: Understanding the needs of the local community; the values that govern society; modernization and innovation; efficiency