Photo of Ministry of Presidential Affairs

Ministry of Presidential Affairs

United Arab Emirates


The Ministry of Presidential Affairs was established on 2004, by Federal Law No. 4 of 2004. Its duties include without limitation: Studying pertinent issues in all fields and provide advice to HH the President; preparing studies that reflect the country's objectives; creating and implementing social assistance programs; providing advice about draft laws, and agreements; following up on the performance of ministries, authorities and public enterprises; monitoring political developments and preparing statistics supporting the process of strategic decision-making; providing advice about naturalization affairs; organizing the submission of correspondence and reports addressed to HH the President; organizing communications between federal ministries and authorities and HH the President; coordinating with federal and local departments in order to guarantee continuous and effective communication. Vision: to assume a pioneering role in supporting the country’s decision-makers. Mission: to provide support and consultation to the decision-makers; to develop a distinguished level of competence in developing national policies and community services.