National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)- Abu Dhabi
  • الاسم: National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)- Abu Dhabi

  • الدولة: United Arab Emirates

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The National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) in Abu Dhabi was established in May 2002. Vision To be the leading regional Center in the provision of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services relating to drug and alcohol addiction. Mission To provide outstanding prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services relating to drug and alcohol addiction through the following: Providing every possible means of treating and rehabilitating drug and alcohol patients in society. Implementing and adopting prevention, treatment and health education programmes in order to qualify patients to be re-integrated into society. Provision of an integrated and comprehensive treatment approach that includes psychological and social support programmes to patients and to their families. Building and maintaining effective partnerships with local, regional and international organisations that are specialised in treating and fighting addiction problems, according to best practices and international standards. Developing those members of the Emirati workforce who are both successfully rehabilitated and capable, to become active themselves in the field of treatment and rehabilitation by providing psychological, social, preventative and educational counselling in the wider society. Objective Treatment and rehabilitation of addiction patients, providing after care services to engage them back into society and promoting the culture of fighting drugs of any kind.