UAE Space Agency
  • الاسم: UAE Space Agency

  • الدولة: United Arab Emirates


The UAE Space Agency is a federal agency established under Federal Law by Decree No.1 of 2014. The space sector includes all projects, activities and programs related to outer space. The UAE Space Agency works in line with the Council of Ministers and has an independent legal identity. It has the capacity to direct all activities that will ensure the achievement of its objectives which cover: the development of the space sector, the formulation of policies and the organization of space, and guiding national space programs that will benefit UAE economy. Vision look to the future of the UAE as a leader in space, and inspire our future generations for the benefit of the nation and humankind. Mission to organize and guide the space sector; to contribute to the national economy and sustainable development; to prepare generations of professionals and develop space research, programs and strategic partnerships in the respective field.